La Full’moon Run’

6. April 2019

18:30 - 21:45

Boulevard Henri Auze, Le Robert

20 €

The ‘Fullmoon Run’ is a night run of 5km in the streets of the City of Robert.

Kids run is available too (9-13 years)

The race will be accompanied by carnival groups and DJ PAYOU!


Tickets: https://forms.registration4all.com/EventRegistration/Register_Sport_Event.aspx?EventID=152238&fbclid=IwAR3v7sISpAONbEbndFrEtKNjUzqjHIUeDTqBgSsbLFrPXSzS5SJSXYEpgpM


More info at at contact@madinscapade.com or +596 696 454 450.

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