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One day trips

1. North Discovery

Experience the wilder north part of Martinique! Discover the rainforest, the famous Mt. Pélée volcano, the Carbet-mountains and taste excellent rums at the Dépaz-distillery

  • Balata Church
  • Alma river
  • Mount Pelée
  • Depaz distillery
  • Saint-Pierre (ruins, Volcanological museum, local market)
  • Return to Fort-de-France on the Caribbean coast

from 58 € / $ 66 person

5 to 7 hours (depending on place of departure)

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2. The Atlantic Coast tour

Discover the Caravelle peninsula with its exceptional nature reserve featuring a rich biodiversity.

  • Château Dubuc
  • Old lighthouse - viewpoint of Caravelle peninsula
  • Tartane - fishing village, beach
  • Sainte-Marie - Tombolo or the Morne des Esses (wickerwork center)
  • Saint James distillery - museum and rum tasting

from 58 € / 68 $ person

5 to 8 hours (depending on place of departure)

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3. Taste of Fort-de-France

Best way to get to know a new culture and its culinary specialties

  • 6 food tasting locations
  • Highlights of Creole cuisine
  • Rum tasting
  • Historical landmarks

70 € / 85 $ per person

Approximately 3,5 hours

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4. South Caribbean Tour

A tour around the western side of the island combining tradition with beautiful landscapes.

  • Savane des Esclaves or La Pagerie museum
  • Trois-Ilets - old church
  • Anse à l’Ane - beach
  • Anses d’Arlet - village, church, beach
  • Diamant - viewpoint, Cap 110

from  68 € / 79 $

5 to 7 hours​ depending on the point of departure

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5. Martinique's industry

Visit the oldest fruit transformation factory of the West-Indies, a local farm and a beautiful distillery set in one of the most rural towns in the middle of Martinique

  • Gros Morne - Denel factory (jams and juices production)
  • Habitation Saint-Etienne distillery
  • Maïtés farm - small family farm producing guavas and local vegetables
  • Swim in the river and picnic

from 68 € / 79 $

7 to 8 hours​ depending on the point of departure

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6. Rumtastic Martinique

Discover two unique distilleries and be immersed in the fascinating world of rum production in Martinique.

  • Le François
  • Habitation Simon
  • Process of rum making
  • Habitation Clément - gardens and Creole architecture
  • Rum tastings

from  68 € / 79 $

5 to 7 hours​ depending on the point of departure

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7. Cabrio bus ride

  • available for groups (more than 9 people)
  • discover Martinique in an extraordinary way
  • enjoy the unique ride in this fantastic vehicle
  • perfect to absorb the real atmosphere of the island


Rainforest Tour

Price: 35 €


Diamond Tour

Price: 45 €


Banana Tour

Price: 35 €


Zamana Tour

Price:  35 €

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8. Customized tour

Not seeing the tour itinerary you’d like in Martinique? Already have a car but would like a guide to join you? No problem, we can help you design a special itinerary and also provide guiding services without transportation.


Just let us know your interests, timetable and any other relevant information and let’s start planning your perfect tour in Martinique!


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from 5€

Detailed guidebook

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Fancy discovering secrets and hidden gems in Martinique, direct from the people who live here? This is the guidebook for you! 

It will lead you straight to the best places this country has to offer.


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