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From 15 € / Robert

Madinina Kayaks

Kayak rental in Robert. Experience the adventure on the sea


  • Discover waters of Martinique and small islands on kayak
  • 2 possible routes: IGUANES or MANGROVE with beaches
  • Wild iguanas, white sands, turquoise waters, Islets of Robert…

From 35 € / Trois Îlets

Ti Jet 972

Nautical base located at the Pointe du Bout in Trois-Îlets on the beach of the hotel Bakoua in the bay of Fort-de-France.


  • Enjoy fun with friends in popular location
  • Take a jet ski ride and explore Martinican waters
  • Try flyboard, new unique and exciting fun activity

From 15 € / Trois Îlets


Towed Buoys, parachute or hang glider dragged by speedboat


  • Have fun on the water! For everyone who loves adventure
  • Parachute (parachute or hang glider dragged by speedboat)
  • Inflatable objects- canapé, disc and flyfish (dragged by speedboat)

From 80 € / Robert

Ti Canots

Rent a motor boat without driving licence and enjoy freedom on the sea


  • Unique tourist activity in Martinique!
  • Enjoy freedom on the sea
  • explore rich bay of Robert

From 70 € / Diamant


Discover the Diamond Rock and the most beautiful beaches of southern Martinique


  • Explore the Diamond Rock
  • Take half-day ride to see the most
  • Madin’jet adapts to your desires

From 10 € / Tartane

Surf Up

Surf school located in Tartane also providing stand-up paddle or body board


  • Surf
  • Standup paddle
  • Body board

From 50 € / Sainte Luce


Canyoning is the ideal activity to discover the island differently and originally


  • Lead by state certified guide.
  • Discover the sumptuousness of the tropical forest
  • Unforgettable moments in beautiful nature

From 15 € / Trois Îlets


Sport centre situated in Hotel Carayou in Trois-Îlets proposing kitesurf, windsurf, wakeboard and stand-up paddle


  • Kitesurf
  • Windsurf
  • Wakeboard, stand-up paddle, towed buoy

From 12 € / Trois Îlets

Le Mantou

Guided tour on motorboat with optional kayak and snack on the ilet in Genipa’s mangroves, largest mangroves in Martinique


  • Swimming and mangrove discovery day
  • Discovery of the South Caribbean Coast
  • Discovery of the North Caribbean Coast

From 20 € / Anses d'Arlet

CaminAgua Step Paddle

CaminAgua Step Paddle gives you the opportunity to walk on the water!


  • Discover the Anses d’Arlet on Step Paddle
  • Exploring turquoise waters has never been easier
  • Enjoy day full of relax and fun

From 75 € / Robert

Catamaran Bwa Drese

Get out of the ordinary in your life, to live a wonderful experience on our catamarans


  • Enjoy the clear waters of Robert
  • Move away from your everyday routine
  • Live an extraordinary experience on our catamarans

From 15 € / Carbet

Martinique Jet Team Sport

MARTINIQUE JET offers jet ski excursions, flyboard, wakeboard, towed buoy and paddle.


  • Come to have fun in the calm waters around Carbet.
  • Discover the beautiful landscapes
  • Huge variety of water activities

From 50 € / Fort-de-France

Kairi Dream

Kairidream Speed boat excursions takes you to discover the Caribbean coast


  • Experience great day on the speedboat
  • Come to admire the cave with the bats
  • Enjoy snorkeling, swimming with the turtles

From 10 € / Anses d'Arlet


Try out the action packed paintball adventure or take a tour on a quad!


  • One of the the most exciting outdoor activities in Martinique!
  • Here to bring you the fun, excitement and extreme adventure
  • Come have a blast playing paintball with us!

From 10 € / Macabou

Centre Équestre de Macabou

Discover the beautiful landscapes of Martinique on horseback!


  • An exceptional sensation
  • Forget your stress during your horseback riding
  • Horseback riding on the beach

from 5€

Detailed guidebook

English speakers, you are no longer missing out!

Fancy discovering secrets and hidden gems in Martinique, direct from the people who live here? This is the guidebook for you! 

It will lead you straight to the best places this country has to offer.


Available in many stores around Martinique.

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By buying this book you donate 1 € for local dogs refuges.