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Petit Théâtre Danse Outre-mer, Place commerciale de Redoute 97200 Fort-de-France

+596 696 84 17 82

Spoken languages: French, English

Location: Fort-de-France

Yoga, from its creation to the present day, is characterized by sharing and transmission.

Every teacher has received his knowledge from another teacher who has himself received it from another teacher, and so on.


In my classes, you will discover a yoga inspired by my personality and my career. I was trained and influenced as a teacher by two yoga schools:


Kriya Hatha Yoga: Breath, Consciousness and Peace

Kriya Yoga is an ancient, authentic and deep practice. This type of Yoga, which is characterized by the development of consciousness, has for ultimate objective the realization of the true Self.


The benefits of Kriya Yoga:


Regulation of the functioning of vital systems (nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, hormonal, immune, etc.),

Relaxation and strengthening of muscles and joints,

Helping to relieve certain health problems, etc.

In addition, these yoga postures stimulate our vital energy and promote its free circulation (chakras, nadis, aura, electromagnetic field, etc …).

Finally, the postures of Kriya Hatha Yoga, associated with conscious breathing, positively influence our mind, our emotions, our mood and our state of mind.


Vinyasa Yoga: Body, Mind and Joy

Vinyasa Yoga is a modern, energizing and dynamic yoga style that combines strength, flexibility and endurance. This type of Yoga is both liberating and stimulating.

It focuses on different areas of the body (back, shoulders, belly, hips, legs, etc.) to stretch and strengthen. These sequences of postures can evacuate negative emotions that manifest themselves by various disorders: pain, tension, weakness, injury, internal dysfunction, etc. This practice develops new physical, psychological and emotional qualities in order to restore the energy, the vitality, and allows everyone to find the natural glow of their personality.




Group lessons

Wednesday 8h45 – 10h15 at Gros-Morne (Association House) *

Thursday 18h45 – 20h15 at Redoute (Little Theater of Redoute)

Friday 18h – 20h at Gros-Morne (Lézarde River) *

Saturday 9h – 10h30 at Redoute (Little Theater of Redoute)

* Classes at Gros-Morne are donated to the Fit n’Dance association – For more information on these associative classes, contact Sarah at 0696 28 48 91


Private lessons

A yoga class at home allows you to benefit from a particular follow-up, which adapts to your needs on the physical, psychic and intellectual levels. You will be accompanied throughout your practice to deepen the postures, be guided in meditation, receive additional explanations, better know the principles of Yoga and be advised and supported to integrate them to your daily life.


  • Prices

Group lessons (at Redoute):

1 class: 18 €

10 classes: 150 €

Private lessons :

1 person: 60 € *

2 people: 80 € *

3 people: 90 € *

4 people: 100 € *

* + fees depending on the distance from the central sector of Martinique


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