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Spoken languages: French, English

Location: Fort-de-France

The Villa Victoria in Fort-de-France welcomes you to its spa!

Solo, duo or more, enjoy a real moment of happiness, relaxation and pleasure with our wide offer of massages.
Villa Victoria is a unique and intimate place, located in the heights of Fort de France, in a residence of 600 m², reserved just for you.

An unforgettable experience in a pleasant setting is waiting for you…




1 and 1/2 hours package:

1 Balinese massage (duration: 1h) + access to the relaxation area (jacuzzi and swimming pool) +1 cocktail served by the pool.


  • Option 1: Solo offer 85 €
  • Option 2: Offer duo 155 €


Program :

You will be received by our team as a VIP guest. A dressing room, jet shower, bathrobes and towels will be at your disposal.

You will enjoy a homemade Mojito cocktail while relaxing in the swimming pool and jacuzzi for 30 minutes, then we will take you to the place for your Balinese massage for 1 hour of pure relaxation.


Other offers:


  • MASSAGE HOT STONES 60 min: 70 €

Massage from a traditional Native American technique, which involves moving polished basalt hot stones on the body to relieve tension, supporting the flexibility of the muscles.


  • CALIFORNIA MASSAGE 60 min: 70 €

Relaxing massage that is characterized by wide and smooth movements to relax and let go.


  • MASSAGE LOMI LOMI 60 min: 70 €

Hawaian massage with tiare flower oil, fluid and rhythmic.


  • ABHYANGA MASSAGE 60 min: 70 €

Massage inspired by an ancient ritual of India and practiced with hot sesame oil on slow and fast rhythms. It tends to harmonize the body and the spirit.


  • SWEDISH MASSAGE 60 min: 70 €

Personalized massage that relieves and relaxes muscular tension. Ideal for sportsmen.


  • REFLEX FOOT MASSAGE 60 min: 70 €

An energetic practice coming from Chinese medicine which consists in exerting pressure on zones of the foot.


  • SHIATSU MASSAGE 60 min: 70 €

Massage therapy technique of Japanese origin that aims to restore the circulation of vital energy and is practiced by more or less pressure with thumbs and fingers. Shiatsu brings you calm and well being.


  • FUTURE MOM MASSAGE  50 min: 65 €

A massage that offers a total relaxation and is practiced on the side, ideal for people with back problems and future mothers (between 3 and 6 months).



Refines the skin texture.Genuine anti-aging body care, perfect for soft and satin skin, toning and firming. Duration 30 min. Price: 35 €


Body wrap for deeply hydrated skin. Price:  30min / 35 € , 40 min /50 € , 1H00 / 70 €, 1H30 /135 €



A scrub followed by a relaxing massage of the back that will resolve all tensions. At the end we’ll put a heating mask on your back with relaxing and remineralizing effects. For soft, purified skin. Duration 45 min. Price: 50 €



Tonic, draining and circulatory massage.

This massage will help you in case of heavy legs, water retention, pain or to fight against cellulite. Duration 30 min. Price: 45 €



Intended to activate the microcirculation of the feet and legs while providing a feeling of well-being. For relaxed, fresh and soft legs. Duration 30 min. Price: 45 €



1 Slimming session exclusively performed with manual techniques (Palper-Rolling), an infra-red sauna session, 1 manual palper-rolling session with aesthetic drainage, use of specific Bion slimming oils. Duration 45min. Price: 50 €




A scrub with black soap

An infra-red sauna session and a jet shower

Hydration with Oil. Duration 1h. Price: 80 €



A scrub with black soap

An infra-red sauna session and a jet shower

Traditional Oriental Massage (30mn). Duration: 1:30. Price: 120 €



A scrub with black soap

An infra-red sauna session and a jet shower

Traditional Oriental Massage (60mn). Price: 150 €



10 Slimming sessions

Exclusively performed with manual techniques (Palper-Rolling)

10 sessions of palpate-manual rolling with aesthetic Drainage

Use of specific organic slimming oils

10 Jacuzzi sessions. 10 sessions 750,00 €



To activate the microcirculation of the feet and legs while providing a feeling of well-being.

The legs are fresh, soft, light, relaxed.

10 drainage tonic massages

10 cryotherapy wraps

Use of specific bio slimming oils. 10 sessions 600 €


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